Massage for Trades People

rs_p_7_632978101049959632_CANQ4RVKDuring my morning walks, I have been watching some houses being build which reminded me of one of my regular clients – a roof tiler. He has said that after 20 plus years in the business, his weekly massages really keep him going. The massages help ease the aches and pains throughout his body and gives his mind a chance to ‘switch off’ for a bit. His employees have said that he is a lot easier to work with, the first few days after his massage because he is a lot calmer and easy going.

Tradespeople really do work hard, with all the (usually heavy) lifting, repetitive actions such as hammering and leveling, not to mention the bending and awkward positions they put their bodies in. If you or someone you know works as a ‘tradie’, thank them for their hard work and encourage them to look after themselves with regular massage.

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