Rhomboids Major & Minor

The Rhomboid muscles lie under the Trapezius muscles and originate from the spine (C7 to T5) and attach to the inner side of the shoulder blade.  They draw the shoulder blade towards the spinal column (Rhomboids Minor draw the shoulder blade up slightly) allowing us to move our shoulders and arms.  They work in opposition to Pectoralis Major and Minor – put simply, when the Pec muscles are shortened or contracted, the Rhomboid muscles will be stretched or elongated.

Because most of our work is done with our arms in front of us (working on a computer, hammering, massaging etc) the Rhomboids can become fatigued and cause upper back pain. Massage in this area focuses of releasing trigger points and increasing the blood flow.  Your therapist may also lift and strip through the inner edge of your shoulder blade by placing your wrist in the small of your back or using towels/pillows under your shoulder.

Hugging stretch
A great way to stretch this muscle is to cross both arms and place your hands behind the shoulder of the opposite arm.  Bring your elbows closer together in front of your body.  Raise your elbows slightly and hold the stretch.

During a long day at the computer (or the like) take a few minutes for this stretch as well as the Pectoralis Major & Minor stretches – your body will love you for it!