Top 10 tips for a healthy back

  1. Massage Helps Back PainExercise your back regularly; walking, swimming (especially back stroke) and using exercise bikes are all excellent ways to strengthen your back muscles
  2. Maintain a good posture by avoiding slumping in your chair, hunching over a desk or walking with your shoulders hunched
  3. Use a chair with a backrest; sit with your feet flat on the floor or on a footrest and change how you sit every few minutes
  4. Try to lose excess weight to reduce the load on your spine and back muscles
  5. Stretch regularly to reduce stiffness and increase mobility
  6. Always bend your knees and hips, not your back
  7. Be careful when lifting, ensuring that the load is not too heavy or too large
  8. Always lift and carry objects close to your body
  9. Keep moving, even if you have an episode of back pain
  10. Ensure your mattress is suited to your height, weight, age and sleeping position.

Back pain may be reduced with regular massage treatments.  How often is ‘regular’?  You are the best judge when it comes to listening to what your body needs.  Some people prefer a regular fortnightly or monthly massages, others are more a spur of the moment.  To book your next massage call 0407 450 522 or book online.

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