6 Tips to Prevent Winter Weight Gain

If you’re worried about adding extra pounds as well as extra layers of clothing this winter, keep these tips in mind to help curb winter weight gain.

1. Don’t snack while watching TV
When watching TV, we can get distracted and are less likely to be practising mindful eating, so it is very easy to overeat. Limit your snacks by portioning them into small bowls instead of eating out of the box or eat healthy snacks like carrot sticks or grapes.

2. Sip tea not hot chocolate
Hot drinks can help keep the chill out of winter, but some warm beverages are hidden with kilojoules. Milky, syrupy coffee shop drinks and hot chocolate with whipped cream can add lots of calories to your diet. Selecting tea or a herbal infusion is a better option.

3. Plan a warm holiday
If you know you’ll need to sport a bikini on the beach in the dead of winter, then you’ll be sure to stick to your exercise and healthy eating plan to ensure your body is in tip top shape.

6 Tips to Prevent Winter Weight Gain4. Eat your veggies
Regular intake of fruits and vegetables will help strengthen your immune system and keep you healthy throughout the winter months. Remember, you should try to eat two serves of fruit and five serves of veggies daily.

5. Don’t forget exercise

Ensuring you exercise every day throughout winter will help to counter-balance any extra calories as well as make you feel more energetic. Get some fresh air and take short 15 minute walks on your coffee or lunch break to expend energy and stress. Buddying up with a friend will help keep you motivated.

6. Exercise Videos/Games

Another great option for cold weather exercise is a collection of exercise videos and games. Even if you’re not usually a fan of videos, it’s a good idea to keep a stash handy for those days when the weather’s bad and you want something quick and easy.