“Since my employer has introduced monthly Workplace Massage my neck and shoulder pain has disappeared!! Thanks Untie the Knots”
Sandra – Office Manager

“Workplace Massage has reduced the number of migraines and headaches I suffer. Well done Untie the Knots!”
Rosemary – Typist

“Untie the knots is one place where people count and what’s more, a persons well being counts. There is always a warm friendly reception, a damn good massage, flexibility in appointment times, and real care shown. The term ‘unconditional positive regard’ applies totally to Cathy’s approach to everyone. I’d recommend Untie the knots to anyone.”
Esme, Case Worker

If I ignore the pain, my arms become painful and I have headaches. By having a 30 minute massage at Untie the Knots every 2 weeks, my neck and shoulder pain is almost gone.”
Christine, Ballan

“Regular remedial massages at Untie the Knots help me maintain an active lifestyle after suffering burnout and an industry related injury. I have found Cathy to be dedicated, caring and professional in dealing with clients in her care.”
Ken Missen (J.P)

“I find massages at Untie the Knots very therapeutic.  It irons out the sore bits and Cathy certainly knows how to find the right spots!  I would highly recommend Untie the Knots to anybody who was experiencing pain or who wants a relaxing massage.”
Heidi, Admin Assistant

“I have a regular massage at Untie the Knots and it really helps me keep those tight shoulder and neck muscles under control. The nice thing though is that it is an hour to myself where I get all the attention and can tune out from my business week. Keep up the great work Cathy!!”
Wendy, Office Manager

“I have extensive experience with remedial masseurs over a period of approx 20 years and find Untie the Knots to be a cut above all the rest. Cathy is very professional and respectful, with a firm and knowledgeable touch. Her work on my shoulder to ease the on-going pins and needles had an immediate effect. The problem has not returned since.”
Yvonne, Admin Assistant

“Cathy has magic hands!
As a process worker, my job can be very repetitive and sometimes involves heavy lifting. A monthly massage with Cathy ensures any aches and pains are resolved, leaving me mentally and physically relaxed, ready for the month ahead.”
Wayne, Process Worker

“Commander Center invited Cathy to provide seated massages at our workplace. We provided a private room – Cathy instantly made our staff feel relaxed while providing them with the most fantastic massages. Our staff were so happy, they were asking when they can have Cathy back! I would highly recommend Untie the Knots for time efficient, seated massage”.
Deborah Warren, Business Manager, Commander Center

Cathy was fabulous last week, loads of positive feedback as per usual. The day went smoothly, thanks for everything again.  Look forward to dealing with you again.
Kaaren, Staff Well-Being Coordinator – TLSC