Help Ease Sinus Pain

While the change of weather is a welcome relief, many people now suffer sinus pain.  Here are a few quick tips that may help.

Self massage

Head accupressurePut your fingers on your head and use your thumbs either side of your neck muscles in a depression at the base of your skull. Press deeply and rub for 1-2 minutes, several times a day.

Use your index fingers to knead the area between the inner edge of each eyebrow and to the side of  each nostril with small circular motions.


Dairy products may cause a mild allergic reaction for some people which can lead to swelling of the mucus membranes and/or excess production of mucus.  Consider cutting back on dairy products while still ensuring your calcium intake is adequate with almonds and seseame seeds, green leafy vegetables and soft boned fish.

A 30 minute head and face massage would also be beneficial or you may consider a full Bowen Therapy treatment and allow your body to relax and reset itself.